Our services

Below is a list of all our available services. You can book directly online and contact us with any questions!

Fixed cost services

The price of these services are the same for each customer.
Medium Session
Starting $60 all prices are subject to change based on size, detail, color, and other
85 Minutes
Is a tattoo session that is gonna be around 1 and a half or so hours its a little more detailed say ... Read more


Short Session
Starting at around $30
60 Minutes
Is a Tattoo that takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes which is generally something like a name or ... Read more

Free services

These services are offered at no cost.
Free consultation
15 Minutes
A 15 minutes consultation meeting to learn more about your needs

Additional services

Long Session
Starting at $100
105 Minutes
Obviously this session is 1 to 2 hours as always no two tattoos are alike so the price varies by ... Read more

390 Minutes
True to its name this session is for very large detailed pieces that will take more than one day ... Read more
Start @ $40
30 Minutes
Ear, Eye brow, Lip, BellyButton, Nose 

Cover - up

30 Minutes
It cost extra to cover up someones fuck up so keep that in mind but as with all other tattoos price ... Read more